Thursday, November 4, 2010

Attn: Cerbero Double Monks On Sale

Cerbero is back and fully loaded on Yoox.  If you head on over there now you can pick up some nice double monks for $165-$175 before shipping.  I'll admit, the Italian shoe brand's quality is tad bit questionable - I've read first hand accounts mentioning how great Cerbero is for the price and I've talked to people who have returned the shoes the moment they got their hands on 'em.  Ultimately, I prefer to judge for myself and since Yoox has a pretty good return policy I took the risk by scooping up a navy suede pair (pretty much the only double monk colorway I've wanted, but had yet to get my hands on).  I like the natural toe on these and even though I could do without the heel stitching, this is a damn good deal.  There are also options in black calfskin and brown suede so regardless of how you want to wear these you should be good to go.  Also, Yoox has some incredible stuff on sale, both shoes and otherwise, right now so it wouldn't hurt to browse a little when you've got some free time.



  1. Bought the choco suedes 5 mins ago. Thanks for the heads up! Those black ones are Vader dubs.

  2. Dear Lawrence,

    Over the past few months we have been neglected, ostracized from your daily kits, and ultimately exiled from your bedroom closet only to be shoved in boxes under your bed. We miss the days where you were downright proud to show us off to your co-workers, family, friends, and even mistresses. Now, you not only berate us, but leave us without the proper shoe tree care we need to survive under the monstrosities that live under the bed.

    We get that you've been all up in this Italian-nut-sucking fad, but if you could find it in your heart to take us out from under the bed, polish us long and slow, and don us at least one a week, we would be more than grateful.

    Bass Dover(s)

    PS--We ate the leftover Cheez-its that fell under the bed.

  3. I looked at the shoes on that site. They look like they were assembled by retarded monkeys.

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  5. Just broke out the black version excited to see quality.