Monday, November 15, 2010

Tim Little

The skinny on Tim Little is as follows: former PR (check out these name drops) and career shoe guy decides to start his own line.  Originally produced by Alfred Sargent, but now by way of Grenson, which Tim Little happens to own, his selection of shoes range from traditional country style brogues to Sart Inc's favorite, the double monk.  Word on the street is that Tim's shoes are made to Grenson's Rose Collection standard and are a serious bargain when on sale.  Guess what?  Tim Little's double monks, along with some other handsome styles, are on sale as we speak - full size run as well.  After hunting down some amateur photos on the internet and comparing them to the product shots, I was able to make two important observations: 1. The product shots actually make the shoes, and especially the leather, look cheaper than they actually are and 2. The double monks have a more elongated toe box than the product shots give off.  Overall, it's a sleek and well made shoe that should come in under $300 after shipping.  That's something I can get down with on a Monday.



  1. Very nice... if only they had put silver instead of gold...

  2. I need a pair of those double monks in my life.

    The Achilles lookalikes look really nice as well:

  3. The line is very Grenson.

  4. Anonymous:

    'Hey, babe, you got my soul,
    You got the silver, you got the gold...'

    Always liked Tim Little.

    Redondo Beach Phoney

  5. I decided two days ago that I'm obsessed with Grenson and Tricker's. They make the sickest shit ever

  6. Wow. What a ridiculous shoe - especially the black and gold. Great spot.

    Why is shipping so high to the US?

  7. My internet search skills apparently suck. Can you point us to those amateur photos?
    Thank you!