Monday, November 8, 2010

Boglioli F/W 2010 Ad Campaign

It's Monday so excuse me while I get extremely hyperbolic for a second - Boglioli is the goddamn truth.  Classic Italian style has no need for pushing the envelope, so to speak.  Year after year it's the same old thing and that is alright by me when the same old thing is not only proven, but arguably better than anything else around.  Boglioli's jackets, especially, are of the life changing variety if you believe that clothes have the power to be life changing.  Just trying one of these on makes you reconsider every tailored good you've purchased in your life up until that point - soft shoulders, the best fabrics in the word and insane off the rack fit.  I told you I was going to get hyperbolic, right?  Check out their F/W 2010 ad campaign below and head over to Start With Typewriters to hear Jeremy's thoughts on the F/W 2010 collection from a while back.  Reading about a brand like Boglioli on the internet is one thing, but getting hands on with their stuff is a different story.  If you happen to live in NYC and are looking to go broke in a matter of seconds be sure to check them out at Barney's and Bergdorf Goodman.  Hall of fame inspiration, hanging from the rafters.



  1. The trolls won't get it, and I'm glad for that.

  2. Can you back to your old ways of talking bout shit that normal somewhat sartorially inclined individuals would buy/wear/combine..... your becoming a lil to "fashiony"

  3. exactly what I was talking about - thank goodness you fellas don't get it.

  4. Us trolls get it, they make grail-status/steezed out (enter cool blogospher term here) sportcoats. How many of us live in NYC and have $700 to spend on a blazer. Go back to your old ways of discussing Lands End/LL bean/ J crew/WWM. .... as ma boi chris carter puts it "cmon mane"

  5. Boglioli is nice, but look to Cantarelli if you really something "Italian" and a bit progressive. They start with Barbera fabrics and wash them, Loro Piana fabrics and overdye them, Boglioli is about style where as Cantarelli is about substance, the quality there is infinitely higher.

    And for the Guy who says the "trolls" won't get Boglioli, get real ... it is available at Mitchells and the likes next to Hugo Boss and Peter Millar ... sad but true.

  6. No, you don't. The fit and construction are far superior to any of the american/outsourced brands you mentioned above with a lot of the same details (natural shoulder, soft construction, 3/2 roll, etc.). If you know where to look online - and yoox - you can get them for as low as $100. There's nothing "fashiony" about a well-made jacket cut from a beautiful fabric at an affordable price. L.A.S. wants to show you fellas new stuff and maybe teach you something along the way. Personally, I hope you stay stubborn and ignorant but if you were a little more open minded you would be a lot better dressed.

  7. Mitchells also carries Brunello Cucinelli...

    Cantarelli is using amazing fabrics and treatments but their cut and overall feel is a little older and stogy to me. I think that the soft, unstructured construction of a Boglioli jacket is an easier transition to Italian tailoring for an American guy.

    My point was perfectly illustrated by the second and fifth comments. L.A.S. tries to talk about things a little different than every other men's style blogger and idiots cry "too fashiony." If being a "normal somewhat sartorially inclined individual" means wearing poorly made, watered down crap then gladly count me out.

  8. Agreed with Anon at 8:21, however, as the author of the Boglioli v Cantarelli argument, I must continue to provoke.

    Anyways, Boglioli is probably a better introduction to the American into softer, washed, unstructured garments. The colors and price points are a little more user friendly and I am glad that people here (this blog) are open to outside ideas and that L.A.S. presents them. As an Italophile who works in the industry, I want more Italian brands as my passion lies in that area.

    I would also agree that Cantarelli can be considered a little older in this argument as their items have a bit more of a tailored feel, but a fully canvassed item at such a price point is a welcome item into the market. Their treatments are getting better, for SS11 they have washed and overdyed garments that are too die for, it is something that if took to Abercrombie you could easily teach the young or sloppy how comfortable a jacket can be.

    Mitchells also carries Hermes and Luciano Barbera, but not merchandised next to Peter Millar where poor Boglioli has been resigned to living out the season.