Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pop Bottles

Do you live in or around NYC?  Got plans for the weekend?  You should probably swing by the third annual Pop Up Flea.  The brainchild of Michael Williams and Randy Goldberg (aka A Continuous Goldberg) gets better each and every year and the third entry looks to continue this trend.  Check out the list of vendors:

-Oak Street Bootmakers
-J.W Hulme
-Levi’s Vintage Clothing
-L.L. Bean Signature
-Smith + Butler
-Tanner Goods
-Scout Original
-Wooden Sleepers
-Riviera Club
-Alexander Olch
-Oliver Spencer
-The Hill-Side / Hickoree’s Hard Goods
-Grown & Sewn
-Stanley & Sons
-Gitman Brothers Vintage
-Schott NYC
-Digby & Iona
-Alexander West
-Leather Head / Lemon Ball

Pretty impressive shit, no?  Anyhow, I highly recommend checking it out, blowing a couple stacks and having a few beverages.  I'm heading over on Saturday to intern for my good friend Brian Davis so be sure to stop by the Wooden Sleepers booth and spend that Christmas bonus you don't have yet.  And say hello too.  I'll be the dude not wearing a Barbour.



  1. Christopher ColumbusNovember 16, 2010 at 2:26 PM

    You'll be rocking the EG jacket, no doubt.

  2. lol.."the dude not wearing the barbour"..i will be stopping by after work on friday. thinking about what to wear..dont want to look too much like a clone

  3. I don't want to go because everyone there is going to be dressed the same or they are going to try way too hard. It kinda sucks because I always wanted to see who the genius behind Sart Inc is

  4. Ooh, Dan's gonna be there.

    @Anon - That is a really stupid reason not to go, even if it were true. You're gonna miss out on seeing some cool stuff.

  5. LARS Weren't you part of the hater section along with your other internet cronies when this event first broke ground?

  6. Anon @4:50- Nah, son. I love shit like this.

    I don't waste my time getting into the blogosphere pissing matches.

  7. wait why is everyone being a faggot about what other people are wearing?? that's some wild shit right there. sad shit cause you know you're serious about it too.

    pop up fleece all day.

    -the g-o

  8. I'm interested to see how many other people are wearing filson jackets. Everyone's got the bags, but true OG's rock the clothes.

  9. "I don't waste my time getting into the blogosphere pissing matches."

    Is that a fact? http://bit.ly/aKYx21

  10. Anon @12:42- What the hell do you think convinced me? Haha