Monday, November 22, 2010

Technical Meets Traditional

Griffin blows me away with their devotion to building a brand not only focused on heritage, but intently interested in how traditional clothing can be combined with technical innovation.  This idea was firmly on display in their F/W 2010 collection and was the fist time I had been exposed to the brand.  Everything Griffin does is ambitious in a good way, which is impressive because when you fail at something like this, you fail hard.  They pull off the whole "technical meets traditional" aesthetic as good, if not better, than anyone trying to pull off similar synergy in menswear today.  For a closer look at Griffin's signature skill set I direct you to the video below, which features narration from designer Jeff Griffin.



  1. The question is: would Peter Griffen rock it?

  2. You might also check out Outlier out of Brooklyn=they use similar material to the one he mentions. They also have great sensibilities with what in my opinion is a more elevated sense of style-technical but quietly integrated with the technical fabrics.