Wednesday, August 11, 2010


There aint much better than seeing your friends get much deserved shine.  Seems like GQ (both in The States and abroad) is giving some credit where credit is most definitely due. Brennan, Vince I see you!



  1. It's really funny and ironic when you pepper your "writing" with 90's hip-hop adages. So cool! Holler at your boy!

  2. Anon @6:22- Thank you for trying to ruin some goodwill with your "comment".

  3. Yeah, Anon @6:22. That was wack of you. Wiggedy-wack.

    L.A.S, appropriation of hip-hop language poses no danger of adding any edge to your blog.

    Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor -- DAAAAMN!

  4. @ LAS -

    Don't even bother responding to these clowns. You've got one of the best blogs going. SartInc and PTO are 99% responsible for the leaps and bounds by which my style consciousness has grown over the past few months, so your work is appreciated, at least by me. Just keep doing you and let the haters hate.

  5. TC I hope your rocking that awful denim shirt your hero suggested recently. Keep drinking that Kool Aid.

  6. Yeah dawg get your SHINE ON!!