Tuesday, August 3, 2010


If you ever happen to find yourself in the Dallas, Texas area you might want to reserve some time to swing by Hadleigh's.  Started by a husband and wife team who cut their teeth at Ralph Lauren, Hadleigh's aims to be both a contemporary and traditional purveyor of bespoke clothing and some of the finest garments the world has to offer.  They stock an impressive range of in house label goods (shirts, suits, shoes, etc.) as well as a well edited list of top brands (Attolini, Barker Black, BRM Watches, etc.).  Much like many people didn't associate top of the line clothiers with Atlanta before Sid Mashburn, Hadleigh's is another small step in proving fine tailoring exists in America outside the confines of New York.  While the gear is most assuredly out of my price range, I take solace in the fact that the inspiration is most assuredly free.



  1. dope. i especially like the seer-suckery looking blazer. contrast collars look good, and i'm strangely warming up to those initialed slippers that everyone is making now.

  2. oh this is just too, too fresh. now where are my studded loafers haaa!