Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Skinny

F/W trouser chatter seem to revolve around wools for the most part.  There's nothing wrong with that, hell, it happens here quite a bit.  But I'd like to take a break from all that and briefly discuss moleskin trousers as a nice alternative/supplement to your current stable of fall pants.  Moleskin trousers easily walk the line between casual and formal - they're just at home with your Bean boots as they are with your typical work kit.  The functionality of moleskin lies in it's warmth and comfort.  Not many pants are as luxurious, but still durable and warm enough to hold up to harsh weather.  I've got a few pairs from high end brands in more rugged styles (i.e. Bastian paratrooper pants, Cucinelli cargos), but you can find a traditional trouser style at Cordings, a UK brand brought to my attention by the one and only Mr. James Fox.  Cording's moleskin trousers have some killer details (side adjusters, tab waistband, button fly, etc.) that give the pants a rugged, sportsman edge, which should be easy to work into your F/W wardrobe.  Spring for an unfinished pair, take them to your tailor for a nice 2" cuff and finish off with some brogue boots for a classic look.  Every F/W guys start pledging to upgrade themselves and their wardrobes. Moleskin trousers seem like a pretty good place to start.



  1. I fucking love this blog.

    Been thinking about getting some navy trousers, was trying to decide between cotton and wool. Now I want these moleskins.

  2. Epaulet has slim moleskin trousers for $165. Spread love, it's the Brooklyn way.

  3. Any other cheaper options? Moleskin trousers don't seem to pop up very much on SF, at least not compared to cotton and wool.

  4. Do you like to laugh at idiots? Please continue reading -

    "I think I’m Michael Bastian, Nick Wooster
    Classic style, hallelujah
    Heavy tweeds, oxford cloth
    double monk straps looking like a fuckin’ boss"

    - Sartorial B.M.F. remix (via cbenjamin)

  5. Mr. Ross- You didn't find CB's "remix" funny? I personally found it hilarious. Lighten up man. Shouldn't you be focused on your beef with Jeezy?

  6. Nothing classic at all about moleskin trousers worn *with* cuffs. Those are traditionally worn without cuffs. It's not like say chinos where you find plenty of personal preference. If I saw someone wearing moleskins with cuffs, I'd presume they don't know what they're doing.

  7. Anon @4:55- Heavy weight fabrics look great with a cuff and help anchor the pants (aids in the drape). The fabric was originally utilized by hunters and gamesmen who also cuffed their pants frequently. I guess we have different definitions of the word "classic".

    Why would a brand with serious English heritage ,such as Cordings, offer cuffs on their moleskin trousers if it is as blasphemous as you claim? I trust them more than you or I to be completely honest.

  8. Moleskin trousers look great on women too! I'm absolutely IN LOVE with this for my fall wardrobe!

    Wait till you see what we have in store for the next few episodes.

    Fall Fabrics You'll Fall Into!

    Heavens to Betsy!

  9. Yo Oprah you gotta let me come on the show! I promise to wear some extra fucking crispy Moleskin trousers. Might even pair them shits with some McNairy double monks to really show niggas who is THE BOSS. ROZAY!

  10. Any idea how wide/narrow the legs are on the cordings?

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