Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rose & Born

Putting Rose & Born's website into Google Translate was easily the smartest thing I have done today.  I've heard quite a bit about this Stockholm shop from a buddy of mine who has called it the best men's store he has ever been to.  In fact, he stopped by today while in Stockholm on business.  Established in 1989, Rose & Born presents itself as a warm haven for those not just shopping for menswear, but those who are truly interested in it as well.  I'll let R&B do the talking (excuse the somewhat choppy translation):

"We have our base in the classic British style. Add to that Italian playfulness, paint and a modern twist, you [get] Rose & Born. Before each season we design the collection of inspiration from travel, our own creativity and above all by listening to our customers. We work exclusively with Italy's leading weavers and the production of garments made in small family businesses in Italy. They are companies that live and breathe clothes and have done so for generations.  The result is clearly reflected every season."
Rose & Born's suits come in three styles: a British style with a more pronounced shoulder, an Italian/American style with a softer shoulder, higher button stance and shorter length and, finally, their most "aggressive" model which is much more trim fitting than the previous two styles.  Jackets and sportcoats, what R&B calls "man's best friend", are also one of the shop's highlights
My favorite copy from the website - "Our recommendation is that you must increasingly invest in nicer pants.  If you have not yet found a pair of trousers that fit you, you have been looking in the wrong place." Amen.

Top all this off with some of the best accessories you can find anywhere (wide knit ties, shoes manufactured by Crockett & Jones, etc.) and you have one hell of a shop.  I have no idea if I'm vacationing to Stockholm any time soon, but I know for a fact I'll be vacationing to Rose & Born asap.  Mecca status might not be an overstatement in this specific case. Just sayin'.  How weak is the krona right now?

That whole "Living and breathing clothes" bit from earlier seems about the best way to describe Rose & Born as well.  Their attention to detail along with the goods themselves is the definition of next level.  Stockholm, full of character and inspiration, is one of the most stylish cities in the entire world.  Rose & Born probably has something to do with that.
Retail Phone +46 86620890
Phone Office +46 86677468



  1. As a Stockholmer, dedicated supporter of Rose&Born and avid reader of your blog I say congrats', you have stumbled upon a gem in men's wear. I've been a loyal customer of Arvid and the guys for years, their talent for design is stunning and the garments which are sourced from small Italian producers are superb. Unfortunately the pictures doesn't do their clothes justice, they are second to none. Rumor has it that the quite dapper prime minister of Sweden gets his suits from their shop, a nice seal of approval. Iv'e been trying to push them into opening a webshop, maybe you Yanks will get lucky soon.

  2. Great staff and a beautiful shop. But I would say that Gabucci and definitely Hans Allde are one notch above Rose and Borne in the sense of style. A bit more Italian tough. But hey, works for me.

    Sill glad to see that Rose gets the props here on this fantastic blog!

    Keep it up.

  3. Internet shopping ALL DAY EVERYDAY is how L.A.S does it

  4. This is "the smartest thing you've done all day." That says a lot. L.A.S - Corporate Thug & Online Shopper.

  5. Anon @10:57- Rose and Born doesn't have an online shop, but if they did you can bet your ass I'd be balling out for the both of us.

    Anon @12:12- Internet Thug & Online Hater. I guess we have a lot more in common than you think, eh?

  6. Very similar for sure. A few minor differences though - I go into actual brick & mortar stores to purchase clothing, I actually speak like the upper middle class white guy I am, and my ego is in check.

  7. Anon @1:14- Listen man, I never want to get into it with commentators because, ultimately, you guys are what has made this blog successful and enjoyable. BUT the claim that your ego is in check is obviously a massive fallacy. No one with a checked ego would leave any of the comments you have left today. Good day to you sir and thanks for reading and participating.

  8. So... can I play?

    Is this post a website review or was there something of substance I missed?


  9. Pat- First off, thanks for following me on Twitter. Your support means a lot.

    Secondly, this post was a way to draw some attention to a great shop in Stockholm that has been brought to my attention many times. Rose & Born is doing great things and I thought they deserved a little press since I hadn't read about them previously. Shit, maybe there is some inspiration in here for someone too - whether it be a picture or whatever. I can't draw attention to stuff I think is cool?

  10. why do people feel the need to leave snotty vindictive comments on style blogs? the purpose of this post is to hip people to something they might not know about (i had no idea of rose and born, and now i do). its that simple.

    and who is the 'upper middle class white guy' other than some gigantic douche. my guess is he's a lawyer.

    to L.A.S. - thanks for the blog. you do a great job. cheers.

  11. hey, c'mon now. I'M a lawyer and i resent the insinuation. let's leave vitriolic comments of all kinds at home and try and make the world wide web a place where we all can go for knowledge, insight and porn.

    sart inc is a blog, which by definition is a space on the web where a person/group of persons go to express their opinions on certain issues/subject matters to the worldwide web. now, if you consistently find yourself unimpressed by or displeased/in disagreement with the opinions of a certain blog, and in the comments of said blog are not writing anything with the intent or purpose to engage in/inspire meaningful dialogue about the subject matter of the post, what are you doing there? there are a lot of blogfish in the internetsea. if you look hard enough, i bet you (disgruntled blog commenter) could find a blog that's just right for you.

    we don't all have to agree, but can't we all get along?

  12. Haters definitely engage/inspire meaningful dialogue in my opinion. Keeps this shit from being a total heritage brand circle jerk.

    Also - you need to get clowned for using the phrase "blogish in the intersea." Come on.

  13. na na na, 'blogfish in the internetsea' - that's some next level Shakespearean longhand. Simply, i'm reporting kappy to hypebeast for crimes against the paradigm.

  14. Gabucci has a new website over at

    Rose & Born, Gabucci and Hans Allde are places to visit in Stockolm for startorially inclined people.