Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Watch Your Monies

When I ran a piece on black watch plaid last year one of the items suspiciously missing from my list was a wallet.  Well, if you truly love black watch like yours truly and you happen to also need a new wallet to carry what little money you have left over after buying all your F/W gear, you might want to look into Orvis' new Heritage Plaid wallet.  The wallet, which is made in the USA, features coated leather as oppose to a fabric panel.  While this does negate any texture mixing, it gives the wallet a more seamless feel.  And since you're hopefully going to be the only one touching it (do muggers read style blogs?) no one will be the wiser.  At $79 it's a good way to not spend all that much and still switch things up for the season - think about how often you bring out your wallet on a daily basis.  You can even emboss this badboy with your three character blogging moniker for 8 more smackaroos.  As United Style once so eloquently said, "Never spend so much money on a wallet that you don't have anything left to put in it."


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