Monday, August 30, 2010

Filson For Vans Vault

I didn't see this one coming, but I guess it should come as no surprise considering Vans Vault's penchant for hooking up with other awesome brands.  The juxtaposition of California cool and flat out ruggedness is the key ingredient in making this collaboration work and the result are three separate outstanding pieces.  Most of my sneakers get an extended vacation during F/W, but I see these kicks (especially the Sk8 Hi joints) working real well with some chinos or denim when the cold weather finally hits.  The rucksack looks pretty boss too, even though it could have easily come from Filson's main line.  Regardless, it's an unconventional pairing that gets the job done and, more importantly, gets the job done well.  Bows & Arrows has it in stock and they take phone orders, so yeah, get on that before it all sells out.



  1. I'm trying to see if the backpack is a worth-while investment
    Lawrence, how many textbooks/binders do you think would fit in it? lol
    It just doesn't seem very deep (does it expand?)

  2. But can I skate in them?

    All joking aside, I want those Authentics!