Monday, August 16, 2010

Not Exactly A Penny, But...

...pretty cheap basics nonetheless.  This morning Valet did a quick write up on Penny Stock, a new brand available at Blackbird, UO and 80's Purple, specializing in cheap basics.  I'm not sure how many of you read the piece so I figured it might make sense to highlight these guys over here as well.  Penny Stock is a new west coast brand who has just launched on the back of affordable, classic menswear.  Chinos, oxfords, chambrays and polos are well represented, each coming in under the $100 mark.  It's great to see a new brand get support from stockists this early in the game and me thinks this is a positive sign pointing towards a brand we will be seeing much more of in the future.  Anytime someone decides to make well priced, year round classics (not to mention great detailing), tossing a little love their way is the least I can do.  And honestly, it doesn't get much better than tab front chinos - forget belts.



  1. The details for the pants sound and look great. And they come in a 31. The penny pocket is hilarious. I wonder by how much they could reduce the price if they left those out.

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  3. Great brand, I did a write up on them earlier this month actually.

    The quality is amazing for the low price. Love it.

  4. Thought about picking up the chambray from 80s Purple since I have a coupon to burn, but damned if I couldn't any information about how these shirts are sized.

    Maybe these shirts are for people who don't care how their clothes actually fit.

  5. Yay! More online stores who ship to Perth! Thanks so much.


  6. Sound Like very good pants and shirt here..It has nice look and design..and also great brand.Thanks for nice post..


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