Thursday, February 4, 2010

Warriors Of Radness Spring 2010 Preview Pt. 1

The Warriors Of Radness Spring 2010 preview has hit their website and the collection looks as gnarly as your would expect from cats out of Malibu.  Say what you will about these 80's influenced pieces, but when the weather gets nice their is a part of me that romanticizes the whole retro California vibe.  Surf rats, skate punks and the prerequisite 80's flicks just do it for me and WOR encapsulates a lot of that.  Not to mention all of this stuff would go great with your pair of Vans Authentics.  Be sure to follow WOR on Twitter and keep your eyes peeled for Pt. 2 of their Spring 2010 collection.



  1. Get ready...

    For me though, the pastels shirt or shorts.

    More so the former.

  2. Some things were best left in the 80's. Teal, for example.

  3. The fourth shirt and last pair of shorts I would have no trouble working into my everyday wardrobe. And the other pieces are fun for the beach. Another label we don't get here in Australia but I was close to buying a pair of boardshorts when in San Francisco last year. This post makes me regret not doing so...

  4. Scrolling through w/o reading I thought this was Vaurnet Franc. Remember that shit from the 80s?