Monday, January 3, 2011

Wedge Soles

The ubiquity of Red Wing boots has lead to a similar ubiquity of wedge soles.  Whether of the Vibram variety or some seriously shitty inferior version, wedge soles are popping up on a lot of shoes and boots recently.  Lots of folks even seem partial to that sole style more so than the type of shoe they are attached to.  For those of you looking to avoid enlisting into the Red Wing army, but still looking for a boot with a wedge sole, there are a good amount of options out there.  You can check out familiar brands such as Grenson, but don't be afraid to poke around some unexpected places.  For example, ASOS has just released their own made in England wedge sole boot, complete with all the Vibram accoutrements, that is less rugged than a pair of Red Wings, but still a good option for this time of year.  Happy hunting to all my wedge fiends.


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