Friday, January 14, 2011

Gant By Michael Bastian At Pitti Uomo 2011

Mr. Bastian takes us skiing in Scandinavia for his sole F/W 2011 collection. The MB team is particularly proud of this stuff and it's not hard to see why.


[Editor's Note: Most of the stuff seen in this video is actually Gant Rugger and Gant's mainline collection.  Take it from someone who has seen Gant by Michael Bastian F/W 2011 - it's awesome.]


  1. Lower the music, turn up his vocals. Apart from that, this is perfect.

  2. Damn the new varsity is dope. Also love the quote about Italian children growing up to be steezy, that's some good child-rearing.

  3. A great interview. Although - skinny chinos are a no-no. Italian men teaching their boys how to dress impressively from childhood - we should all learn from that. Wonderful interview.

    I'm from New Haven (originally) and I remember the TRUE GANT - Mr. Bastian - please bring back more of that - scour the Yale archives for the look and the feel of Old Gant - you'll make money!

  4. Just a heads up, most of those mannequins in the video were either GANT mainline or GANT rugger. You'll have to wait until NYFW to see fall GANT by MB.

  5. Silk Regimental - Take a look at any pair of pants in Take Ivy and you'll see that a skinny chino is actually the most classic chino.

    If you're looking for classic gant I would look at Rugger, not MB.