Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Style Resolutions

Maybe you're the type of person to make new year's resolutions.  Maybe you're not.  I'm not too sure how I feel about resolutions myself, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good one.  Anyhow, I reached out to some of my favorite guys working in menswear to get their thoughts on the upcoming year, which I compiled for a piece over at We Are The Market.  If you're curious as to what Nick Wooster or Tyler Thoreson is thinking about for 2011 you might want to give it a quick once over.  Or not.  For all I know your new year's resolution is to stop reading blogs.  Also, if you guys have any of your own resolutions, style or otherwise, drop them in the comments.  I have a good feeling about this one...



  1. Have an ego the size of Lil B's.

  2. "2. Explore other pant lengths."

    The best.

    I'm going to stop buying shit that I don't need, in turn spending more money on stuff that I do need. Pretty much buy better, buy less.

  3. 1. Get organized: Got a nice box for my pocket squares and down-sized the inventory of my closet.
    2. Inspire: Be it at work, at home or wherever, so far I've inspired a couple of friends to up their style and fitness game.

  4. Resolution stop buying dress shirts. My wife bought me a sewing machine for Christmas. By the end of the year, I want to be able to make my own shirts. So far, I've picked up a few books, found some youtube videos and asked some friends for help. It will happen. Believe.

  5. 1) Wear less sneakers and more shoes.
    2) Stop thinking about where I might "end up" today when dressing. Dress for myself instead of who I might encounter.
    3) Polish my own shoes early and often.
    4) Grow my stable of accessories.

  6. Staying the course:


  7. Start developing more of my business wardrobe for interviews, internships and more- as a sophomore, I don't feel like I have enough to wear for these things that fit me well and that I like. Also, stop buying so many plaid shirts...

  8. Get shit tailored.

  9. Buy a dress watch.

    Get the legs of several pairs of trousers tapered down to 8" leg openings.

    Buy a pair of Barker Black Wolfe models.

  10. 1. Wear heels more at work. I'm 5'10 and use that as my excuse to wear riding boots all winter long, but I have a great heel collection that needs to get shown off.
    2. Step up my accessories game. Actually trot out my jewelry, scarves, maybe a jaunty hat? Eh, skip the hat.

  11. 1. Perfect the Argentine Tango.
    2. Obtain the perfect tuxedo to wear while doing the Argentine Tango.
    3. Purchase a pair of double monks.
    4. Bring back my scarf collection, and get some spread collar shirts to go with my steezy tie collection.

  12. 1. Introduce more color.
    2. Unify simplicity and elegance.
    3. Only spend money on things I'm going to wear.
    4. Find the right supplier for good, everyday, non-trouser jeans.

  13. SWerndorf- try Tellasons. $

  14. Stop buying stuff that doesn't fit great because I like it too much.

  15. 1) less talk.
    2) more action.
    2) get money.
    ...in that order.