Monday, January 3, 2011

Attn: Brooks Brothers Footwear On Sale

Brooks Brothers is currently selling my two favorite styles of shoes at a nice little discount - not a bad way to bring in the new year, eh?  Thom's take on the double monk (heavy, plain toe, black, pebble grain) and an Alden manufactured tassel loafer (that our friend HTJ just talked about) are up for grabs in various stages of availability - an average run on the monks and 10.5 B on the tassels.  In my eyes both of these shoe styles are staples in any well dressed man's wardrobe and are the two styles of shoes you are most likely to see me in day after day - what the hell's a longwing?  If you're still at that stage of the new year where you're actually trying to better yourself (or are we already past that point?) you might want to start from the ground up.



  1. Oh, look, there's a locker loop on Thom's shoes! Isn't that cute?

  2. Nice. You've been waiting for those DMs to go on sale for quite some time, if I'm not mistaken. Hopefully they have your size...