Tuesday, December 7, 2010

GQ Rules

GQ's popular video series, GQ Rules, is back at it for 2010.  This year it's all about Glenn O'Brien aka The Style Guy.  All 15 videos in the series are currently available to watch online and I highly recommend signing up if you haven't already.  Glenn is joined by various members of the GQ brain trust and the best videos in the series are when Glenn teams up with Hooman Majd to wax poetic on everything from beards to flip-flops to booze.  It's a must watch for everyone from Glenn O'Brien "Stans" (you get to see his personal shoe collection for example) to sartorial novices looking for some video tutorials.



  1. You can enter to win a "$5000 Land's End Canvas shopping spree"? I think I'd run out of things I'd want after about $300. I guess you could buy lots of sweaters for all your friends/

  2. Gotta Love Glenn! Keep up the great work. A

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