Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Attn: Oak Street Goes Navy

So you want more boots, eh?  Well Oak Street Bootmakers will give you some more goddamn boots.  At 10 am EST today all of their boot styles are going live in navy.  Yeah, you heard me right - Navy Chromexcel.  The stuff dreams are made of no doubt.  Rock and roll.  But seriously, stop looking at shoe porn and go to bed.  They will be there in the morning.  I promise.



  1. these are ridiculously beautiful.

  2. Nothing like jerking off to Tori Black white rocking a pair of blue suede McNairy bucks. Pure bliss, brah.

    Tori Black is Pretty Filthy 2 is epic!

  3. Sweet Rogues Gallery boots

  4. Sweet boots!

    Oprah is right, Tori Black IS pretty filthy!

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