Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pitti Uomo 80 Day 1 Wrap Up

[Picture courtesy of StreetFSN.]

-StreetFSN carries the street style torch at Pitti while we all wait with bated breath for Tommy Ton to unleash the goods.

-Incepto has shots of what appears to be some sort of State of The Union Address at Pitti and the crowd outside the show

-Men's Reverie checks out the S/S 2012 offerings from heavy hitters Boglioli (all washed everything), Barena (dad jean sportcoat!) and Pitti Uomo headliner Band of Outsiders.

-Crazy new footwear from Mark McNairy and some news about his New Amsterdam apparel relaunch.

-GQ Italy has some great coverage going on right now if you know how to work Google Translate.  I particularly like this video interview with Mr. Gant Rugger himself, the big homie, Chris Bastin.

-Esquire's Style Editors do their best to predict the future.

-A flickr account devoted to the scene in and around Pitti.  With all the stylish guys and new gear around I think we forget about the beautiful women who are always the true winners of best in show.


[Editor's note: Shout out to R.A. who knows where all the gems are.]


  1. More weird shoes from Mr. McNairy. Fine, I get that some of them are "concept" shoes. Actually, some of them are pretty nice. But faux zebra is so 80s, and the gratuitous vulgarity shows just what kind of a person Mr. McNairy is.

  2. Look at was Sart Inc has become. It's just like Valet Mag's "The Edit" but with shittier links.

  3. The "State of the Union Address" line cracked me up. Well done.

  4. McNairy is a repulsive little troll.

  5. Is Lino ever not swag to the max? Never thought you could eat an ice cream cone with that much swag.

  6. Thanks for the links, man. I can never get enough photos of chain-smoking middle-aged Italian fashion industry types with Graydon Carter haircuts wearing too-tight pants, blue blazers, no socks, some shit in their lapels, and bead bracelets standing around posing for some Asian tranny with a camera.


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