Monday, April 11, 2011

Barena S/S 2011

Remember Barena?  Well, refresh yourself before you wreck yourself.  While not as strong as S/S 2010, in my humble opinion, S/S 2011 is more of that relaxed, easy Barena vibe that is quickly gaining fans across the wide world of menswear (see: Tres Bien jumping on the bandwagon).  Barena kinda gives me this Italian Engineered Garments vibe - great fabrics, loose tailoring, a focus on layering and a distinctive period or "costume" look (I do not mean that as an insult whatsoever).  Anyhow, I really dig how these looks meet somewhere in between the supremely dressed down nature of S/S and an overall gentlemanly put together-ness.  In fact, I think the "Barena look" is more accessible to the everyman than the much more dressed up "Pitti Uomo look" that looks to be somewhat of the next trend in internet driven menswear.