Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday Morning Inspiration: Shotgun Stories

I feel like Shotgun Stories is the perfect film recommendation for the blogosphere.  The film takes place in (many of) our romanticised version of America and is incredibly "stylish" in the same way many of us view a white t-shirt and cowboy boots as incredibly "stylish". 

At it's core Shotgun Stories is a tale concerning two rival families out to destroy each other despite the fact that they share the same father.  A case of half brothers vs. half brothers in an all out revenge gruge match.  Everything about this film is spectacular, from the nuanced acting to the sweeping shots of middle America.  The plot is methodical and unwavering as its tension builds to a boiling point of unavoidable violence.  Michael Shannon, the film's lead, is one of the best actors working today and proves it hear with an equally subtle and powerful performance.  On a side note, if you are not up on Michael Shannon yet, do yourself a favor and devour his filmography.  In my mind he's on the same level as Edward Norton or Vigo Mortensen (aka the tier right under Daniel Day Lewis).  If you've got some free time this week be sure to check it out and you will walk away satisfied, moved and possibly even appalled.


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