Monday, August 29, 2011

First Look: Ian Velardi F/W 2011

I haven't known Ian or his namesake collection for long, but that hasn't stopped me from going on record and singing his praises.  As it stands today, Mr. Velardi is one of my favorite American designers.  You might not explicitly know Ian Velardi, but you're probably already a fan of his work.  Previously, Ian was part of the Hickey brain trust, who along with Aaron Levine (another Sart Inc favorite and currently at Club Monaco) designed some incredible clothes that were arguably ahead of their time.  I truly believe that if Hickey had come out just a year or so later it would still be around today, but that's a different story for a different time.  Anyhow, Ian is only in his second season (F/W 2011 and S/S 2012), but is already on the radar of people whose taste I respect - you'll be able to find his stuff in Barneys and Park & Bond any day now.  Ian's collection actually reminds me a lot of when Michael Bastian first started his namesake line.  Not so much in terms of aesthetics per se, but both gentleman are doing similar things.  They took impressive menswear pedigrees and turned their talents to creating classic sportswear that sets itself apart thanks to an understanding of fabric, fit and details.  The end result is a collection that when looked at as a whole represents a solid wardrobe for the style conscious guy.  The only down side to this, as far as I see it, is that getting hands on with clothing like this is truly the best way to experience it.   See, that's often the conundrum that great sportwear faces.  To the untrained eye and in pictures it often appears basic.  But then, again, that's what men should be aiming for.  You shouldn't want to stand out.  You want beautifully made clothes that fit properly.  That's what Ian is doing.  Everything is Italian made (some of your favorite players are involved in the manufacturing process, especially with the sportcoats and trousers) save for some accessories so there is inherent value in each garment.  S/S 2012 images on deck...GQ has the exclusive on that.



  1. It really does look like early MB.

  2. So much like early MB that I could pull out looks to put next to it!

  3. super wearable. i'm seeing spring in a minute and am looking forward to watching how ian's line evolves.

  4. I saw Ian's work at Capsule in June. He is a very nice guy and took time out to talk to me about his line and just shoot the breeze. He had a lovely dark single breasted, peak lapel dinner jacket with bubble bee lining and double ticket pockets that floored me. This stuff is nice, but I was hoping to see more stuff like the dinner jacket. Plus, that cummerbund is hurting my feelings.

  5. j crew? check the construction homie

  6. That green jacket is great.


  8. Even if the construction is top notch, why bother? These looks have been thoroughly co-opted by the mall brands. Is there someone out there craving the Banana Republic look with better construction? Or just a chance to feel superior while correcting people? "Ha ha, of course I didn't get this bucket hat from LL Bean!"

  9. Velardi does seem to have a touch of Bastian in his designs...would be interesting to see how he develops on it. Although, after watching Bastian at NYFW, I'm not very sure of his collection - impeccable as usual but its getting monotonous.

  10. Ian's work are really adorable. Bill was right that dark green jacket is really cool.

  11. Dig those shades of blue in the jacket and the l/s polo.

  12. nope. not for me. next post.

  13. For the love of God what will it take to get Homo Sapiens to stop wearing sneakers???

  14. as a whole: that's one set of civvies...BUT what a blatant abuse of the cummerbund.

  15. 1. Glad to see a dude not wearing skinny, skin-tight pants, like everyone's Steven Tyler.

    2. Sneakers can be fly - they're just not for every occasion.

    3. The cummerbund was a stunt...right?

  16. Was a good collection, SS lookin decent too.

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