Monday, May 23, 2011

Howard Yount Tailored Goods 2.0

No one doubted the value of Howard Yount's tailored goods when they launched last fall.  However, fit was an issue.  The jackets were on the short side and looked awkward on customers that were not hobbits - anyone who frequents StyleForum can attest to that.  Never a brand to shy away from constructive criticism, Howard Yount went back to the drawing board for S/S 2011.  All the great details, fabrics and construction is back, but now with a new and improved longer jacket.  With the kinks worked out, HY is redefining what it means to offer a true value in the realm of tailored goods.  In fact, I got an email from an industry buddy and tailoring enthusiast this afternoon who was quick to call this new crop of jackets "the best deal in tailored clothing."  High praise no doubt, but you would to be hard pressed to find a better jacket for a better price.  HY's made in Italy sportcoats are soft/lightly constructed, half-canvassed and feature considerable hand stitching.  Tailored gang, throw your set up.



  1. L.A.S.
    In light of recent events I thought you may appreciate this.
    and in response to Horatio:

  2. I'm sorry, what about tailored clothing should require an entire season to find jackets which actually fit customers?

  3. the colors on those bitches are pure kaka

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