Sunday, March 27, 2011

Paolo Alavian: Philanthropically Inclined

My good friend Antonio was nice enough to drop by Sart Inc to let everyone in on a good cause, some good food and some inspiring personal style to boot.

"If you are from the NY area and you’ve spent much time in SoHo, you may recognize the man below.  He can usually be found in bright hued pants and a sharply tailored jacket on the corner of Spring and Sullivan St. in front of Ristorante Savore, the neighborhood’s long time go-to for quintessential Tuscan fare.  His name is Paolo Alavian and he is the proprietor of Savore & Chicca, the mind-blowingly fantastic brick oven pizza spot just down the street.  Like his restaurants, Paolo is a neighborhood staple - a fixture of downtown Manhattan.  His unique style and sense of duty to his community and others are as transcendent as his roasted branzino with thyme, fennel and sliced

In the wake of 9/11, Savore opened its doors and its kitchen to the many involved in the rescue effort.  More recently, when the economy took a turn for the worst, he gave free meals to those in the neighborhood who had lost their jobs.  It wasn’t long after the earthquake hit Japan that Paolo decided to get involved.  This Wednesday he is holding an event aptly deemed Dine Out for Japan.  The idea is simple - come and enjoy a sublime lunch or dinner (or both) at Savore or Chicca, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross’ relief fund for Japan.  All dishes and wine will have a suggested
donation price of 1 dollar but donors can give as much as they choose.

Please join the Savore/Chicca family on Wednesday.  Whether you’re interested in giving to a worthy cause, trying a new restaurant or just experiencing the awesomeness that is Paolo, it’s an event you
won’t want to miss."



  1. I love that you just have to mention this dudes fucking clothes. Can you not stop thinking about "sharply tailored jackets" for one second and just highlight that this guy is doing something for charity? I guess that would be a little too selfless.

  2. Anon- Wow, man. This may be the single most insane comment I have ever read on this blog. How is making a passing mention to a guy having style, on a style blog, taking away from the great things he is doing? Get outta here.

  3. Bahahahaha, Anon, you are what makes reading Sart Inc not only the best online stop for menswear, but also the single greatest conglomeration of crazy bastards on the internet. Please keep 'em coming.

  4. I love how the trolls on this blog have to write negative comments on every post, no matter what the topic is. I'm still waiting for the "fuck Japan" one. Get a life fellas.

  5. sart inc. anons = the best entertainment on the intertubes. thanks, you crazy buggers.

  6. I ve always LOoooved ANONYMOUS comments...
    Just sayin!

  7. These Anon trash-talkers need to get over to - that place could use some criticism.

  8. Stopped by Chicca last night with a buddy of mine -- wonderful meal for a fantastic cause.

  9. fantastic combination of red jeans and coat..really nice.

  10. Good post, I hope the event went well.

    But speaking of Italian food, someone put in another Chuck-E-Cheese token. Its been nearly a week since this blog was updated.

  11. Where is the pocket square?
    The jacket seems incomplete!

  12. AWESOME idea!!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing!
    Navitus For PC