Thursday, June 3, 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup Sartorial Round Up

If you're like me then you absolutely cannot wait for the month's worth of soccer (I'm not one of those American assholes who calls it "futbol") festivities right around the corner.  Thankfully the beautiful game is international and with international sports comes a heavy dose of sartorial appreciation.  Here are some things that have been on my radar:

The gear statistics revolving around the 2010 FIFA World Cup are pretty staggering.  Men in the UK will spend a projected 241 million dollars on official kits (jerseys) and sportswear alone during the group stage of the tournament.  In fact, more money will be spent on gear during the group stage than on food - seriously, 228 million dollars.  England's economy has a huge stake in the success of its national team and looks to make some serious dough despite not being the host nation.  If Rooney & Co. can progress past the group stage, which they are projected to, around 467 million dollars will be at stake if they can make it to the 2010 final.

[All statistics courtesy of Kelkoo.]

While the USA is poised to taste some World Cup glory for the first time since 1950 (when we miraculously beat England 1-0 in a group match) we are still dressing like complete and utter scrubs.  Just look at our squad at the White House below.  Apparently business casual applies to professional athletes as well.  And what's the deal with the pants?  I guess we have no roster depth at Left Tailor.  This miserable display is the definition of not getting off on the right foot and while what happens on the field is really the only thing that matters I would have liked to see at least an ounce of sartorial effort.

Across the pond the English National team, who the USA open up against on June 12th, are the image of tailored perfection.  Just check out their official gray three piece suits by Marks & Spencer - some seriously killer gear.  England has always kept their team looking sharp having been dressed by the likes of Paul Smith, Giorgio Armani and Burton for past shots at Victory.  If USA v. England was decided in a showroom this shit would go down 8-0 in favor of the Brits.

England is looking sharp for sure, but it's the Japanese who shut it down as per usual.  Their "Samurai Blue's" courtesy of Dunhill take The Steeze Cup.  Not much to say here, just check it out.  Can they kick it? Yes, they can.

And finally, it wouldn't be a men's style blogopshere post without directing you towards the Life Archives where you can peep some inspiration.  Pele, action shots and old school uniforms - in a word: awesome.



  1. glad to see more people jumping on board the soccer bandwagon. Used to be people were almost ashamed to say soccer and the "true" footy fans all said football. As if we couldn't be taken seriously if we didn't use the same name as the rest of the world.

    but let's face it, the world hasn't taken our soccer squads seriously for decades.

    as for the fashion aspect, I agree the suit situation seems lacking for the US squad. i'm surprised we don't have a dress suit like other teams and the olympic team. if you're going to meet the head of any state, you should dress appropriately and US Soccer should make sure they are equipped to do so.

    regardless, the style behind our kits this year is a great heritage piece and is worth noting. it's probably the best kit the US has had since i can remember.

  2. Nobody in America cares, except Hispanic immigrants, and since when did they care about fashion?

  3. Anon @1:03 - Congrats on winning the 2010 Ignorant Cup.

  4. The Yanks look like the junior varsity...

    Where are the suits?

    Anon @ 1:03 - you're a moron...

  5. Lawrence—I have an unrelated question for you: Have long did it take you to break in your New Standards? I tried a pair on today (two sizes down) and they fit super skinny. Approximately how many wears does it take to get them to fit more like a straight leg?

    Sorry this is in the wrong thread.

  6. It's sad really as far the style is concerned. Obama should've handed the coach a Hart Schaffner Marx card or they could've had Martin Greenfield hook'em up. Let's hope they get a better look on the field.

  7. Did you find any images of the Italians? I thought they would do a pretty stellar job of being ambassadors to style, but I haven't been able to locate anything online.

  8. Bruce- I sized down 2 sizes myself and while they started out as cardboard nuthuggers after like 2/3 weeks they broke in enough that I felt comfortable wearing them in public.

    LA Underhill- Couldn't find pics either...but check out Spain and The Netherlands for some more dapperness.

  9. "I guess we have no roster depth at Left Tailor." - Seriously, the best laugh I've had all week.

  10. Was it just me, or was the Onyewu photoshoot in the recent GQ fruity?

  11. Yeah, the US team looks pretty sh*tty compared to the rest of the world off the pitch. Over the last few years, while I was living in the UK, I was always amazed with the style that the national teams had - you rarely saw team photos of them in their kit or warmups (which is essentially what the Americans do).


  12. I think part of the bizcasual thing for the Americans is this whole option of A/B political thing. If the American team was dressed well it would mark them as being European/Elitist/etc. Its unfortunate that anything resembling sartorially inclination is stigmatised. B-rock (and his countrymen) needs to dress poorly, for political reasons. Maybe the US women's team will make up for this, lead by a pretty well dressed Michelle O. I agree this is bad, even beside some of the hilarious attempts at style *NBA*

  13. @Anon 1:03

    Maybe this isn't the blog for you. Also, it's okay to be threatened by soccer.

  14. Does anyone else think that the English team's knots are a little too big? Uniformity is fine, but the Japanese pull off their four in hands much better.

  15. British, Dutch, Japanese, American or anyone other team...shouldn't be concerned about any label other than unprofessional.
    The *NBA* comment is right on the money and quite funny - can be applied to baseball and hockey as well.

  16. just to clear things up, you're an american idiot when you call it soccer. noone in europe calls it soccer. the british call it futbol, which is perfectly fine.

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