Monday, July 25, 2011

Ovadia & Sons S/S 2012

Asking brothers Shimon and Ariel what their inspiration is pretty much tells you all you need to know about Ovadia & Sons.  Instead of giving you some fantastical line of bullshit they'll laugh and simply tell you that their clothing is, well, just clothing.  It's what they like.  It's what they wear.  It's menswear - plain and simple.  These guys, who I am proud to call my friends, haven't been doing O&S for all that long, but you would never know by looking at their garments.  Building a brand, especially one that exists within such a traditional menswear paradigm, is not easy and both Shimon and Ariel will be the first to admit it.  When you put everything on the line like they have perfection often seems like the only option.  And from the reaction Ovadia & Sons has been getting as of late you would think they have already achieved such lofty goals.  But it's not just internet hype.  No, O&S were wheeling and dealing at the most recent (capsule) NY.  Some of the most respected stores in the country were not just browsing the booth, but doing their best to lock up exclusive deals.  Yeah, that right there is when you know things are getting real, if you couldn't already tell by looking at the collection below.

S/S 2012 is probably the strongest I've seen from Ovadia & Sons.  I've been a huge supporter since day 1, but I think this most recent collection truly represents what they're trying to do.  They want to make classic clothing for a guy who appreciates classic clothing as much as they do.  Not many brands are committed to creating such a thorough one stop shop for everything you could possibly need.  From dinner jackets to hand embroidered knit ties - O&S has your back.  One final thought, it's easy to get jaded when you look at menswear all day, every day for both work and pleasure.  Every single time I step foot into the Ovadia & Sons showroom I get excited like it's my first time discovering this wonderful thing called menswear.  And that's really all I have to say on the matter.  Enjoy.



  1. munf give me that damn leather bomber. too fresh.

  2. blarg. this is... fuck words man.


  4. These are great! The blue blazer and the yellow jacket are my favorites. Well done.

  5. Nice clothes but these kids are coming increasingly across as massive herbs:

    1/2 of this stuff will never see production.

  6. Larry Cohn from BrooklynJuly 25, 2011 at 3:50 PM

    Anon @ 3:35

    Jealousy shining through. If you don't have anything good to say, don't say it at all. And always anonymous, of course.

    Used to son kids like you in high school.

  7. I'm all in favour of bright colours and cream jackets / pants / shoes, but this line comes across as part costume. Not a fan.

  8. Wow, the yellow/black (reversible?) jacket is tops. Does anyone have an idea what that puppy will retail for?

  9. I love look # 1 its so 20's vintage feel.
    Love the paint splatter shorts!
    Awesome execution.

  10. Guys named 'Larry Cohn' never 'sonned' anyone...

  11. The kids crushed it.

  12. Wow, there might be some lovely pieces here, but on the whole, this looks like a Halloween costume catalogue from American Male, circa 1982. A pith helmet? Seriously? This dandy stuff is getting out of control. Come back to planet Earth.

  13. I love every look here.
    Especially that leather and yellow jacket.
    I would love to see what some of the funny guy Anons that comment on here wear and do for a living.

  14. Highly, highly wearable. Thats what I love most about this lookbook.

    Oh, and I guess when 20,000+ people love this collection, there has to be a few HATERS.

    O&S you're a rare breed in this menswear world.


  15. Their shoes as well, Lawrence?

  16. Aaaaaaaaaaand everything in this collection, get ye into my closet. Seriously.

  17. Pith helmets, hell yes. I've been saying these need to make a comeback for a while. Safari swag.

  18. Have you seen their colored trousers? AMAZING! And only a true man, I believe, can pull them off!

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  20. I like most of the looks (some of the outfits are a little too precise for my taste) but what's with all the pants being three inches too short? Is that really the current style? If so, I have to say I'm not a fan of that.

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