Monday, May 9, 2011

Grenadine By Way Of Kent Wang

Kent Wang has been popping up on a lot of radars these days thanks to, arguably, the best polo of the season.  I'm not gonna talk your ear off about that because a simple Google search will yield you all the info you need in that regard.  A year or so ago I recommended Kent Wang as a great place to pick up the oft-elusive traditionally cut knit.  While I still think one of these, especially the pin dot versions, are a great purchase, I want to talk about grenadine ties at the moment.  Much like shantung/raw silk neckwear, grenadine is super nerdy for lack of a better descriptor.  Meaning, for those of us with a shit ton of ties, there are probably only a few items, if any, missing from our arsenal.  Hell, Kent Wang calls grenadine "a connoisseur's tie", which is more or less a nice way of putting what I just said.  So, what the hell is grenadine?  Basically it's a loose silk weave that results in subtle texture that is most commonly found in solid colors.  The benefits are pretty obvious - texture resulting from a tie you can wear in warm weather and it's easy to pair with your shirts.  Kent Wang is selling a bunch for $75, which is a good deal when compared with various other grenadine options on the market.  With the weather getting real nice I'm partial to pink and sky blue, but you can never go wrong with navy.  I repeat, you can never, ever go wrong with navy.



  1. I was just looking at these the other day and was trying to decide on widths. 3" or 3.5"?

  2. biggest issue with these ties is that they are quite thick and make a large knot. I prefer the Sam Hobar grenadines which can be made with a thinner lining resulting in a smaller, neater knot. And they are the same price!

  3. Sam Hober ties forever! Truly the best you can buy.

  4. Why on earth would people come one here to promote sam hober? Both him and Kent Wang are excellent vendors. There is room in this world for both.

    I really hope the two comments above are not from Sam Hober shills.