Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blind Barber: A Review

First off, apologies for my absence.  I just started a new job and have a lot of stuff going on so it has been difficult to find the time to hash out quasi-quality stuff over here.  Anyhow, as always, you can follow my daily nonsense (mostly, sorta, kinda about clothing) over at my Tumblr.  Moving on...

When I was younger I was intense about my haircuts to the point where a bad haircut seriously fucked up my chi for, like, a week, easily.  Somewhere along the line (see: various collegiate hazing practices) I got over all that nonsense and usually went with options that were either convenient, cheap or some combination of the two.  Yesterday I swung by Blind Barber in NYC for my first “real” haircut in a long time.  You may have already heard about BB thanks to their pretty stellar run of recent press (Details, New York Times, a bunch of menswear bloggers/vloggers/joggers/loggers/etc).  So yeah, long story not so short at this point, but I got probably the best haircut of my life.  See, that’s the thing, I forgot about quality barbershops and barbers - they actually give a shit about how your hair is going to look.  Melissa, the wonderful woman who cut my golden locks and pictured below, paid attention to how my hair grows, it’s natural direction and all the factors most people don’t think twice about.  They also give you a complimentary drink, which is better than not getting a drink in case you weren’t aware.  Check out the website, call them up and make an appointment.  If you’re not satisfied (most likely an impossible scenario) holler at me and I will come to your place of residence with clippers and give you a little perspective.

Cliff notes: Before my cut babies would take one look at my dome piece and start crying.  Since my haircut I have been getting daps from babies all over the city.  All baby daps are courtesy of Blind Barber.

Shout outs: Melissa, JB (she took all the pics), Trunzo, Eric, Matt


  1. slick.

    the 'before' looks like you'll break out into conducting a symphony any moment now!

  2. Oh wow! I didn't know you changed the blog to GROOMINGLY INCLINED. While I understand "groomingly" is not a word, I failed to find something more appropriate that would fit. That being said, I frankly don't care about your hair. I read your blog for sartorial #knowledge, not because you know where to find the best Brooklyn straight shave. I don't live in Brooklyn. Show me things I can drop dimes on in other cities. deuces.

  3. dude relax, is this your blog? do you pay SI? if not, then if i may, STFU.

    if LAS wants to share about his haircut, family, pets, lego collection, what have you, deal with it. amazing what strangers expect from other sheer strangers.

    [rant on]

    with that said, glad LAS had a nice experience with BB, cause been there myself once and only once, and got one of the all time worst haircuts ever. was an all clipper job and that's never a good sign.

    honestly, was my bad for not recognizing the boys club atmosphere that i didnt seem to be a part of and who's inclusion was the only way of being insured proper care to my haircut.

    let it be known that nyc seems to be overrun with many of these wannabe old school retro themed barbershops (i.e. moustache, fsc barber, blind barber, frank's) that run concurrent with the resurgence of american heritage brands. and they all seem to think that a few tattoos, selvage denim, black/white tile, and vintage barber chairs add up to being a quality barber.

    i've tried most of them, and questioned myself for bothering with $40-60 haircuts, when in my own neighborhood of bed-stuy, there are probably 2-3 decent barbers at half the price, twice the experience, with genuinely worn vintage chairs that have never left their respective shops.

    like all those old school brands we love, experience at making quality is what counts, and these new places have yet to cultivate any of it.

    [rant off]

  4. yo, you right. Sick abbreviations meng. It's okay to say "fuck" on the internet. mommy ain't looking.

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