Friday, September 4, 2009

"I've Got This Red Right Hand That Points Me South"

I will be in Atlanta this weekend doing the whole Labor Day thing. Aside from getting drunk in the parking lot of the Georgia Dome I will be on the lookout for some southern sensibility. Having gone to school in the south, I am familiar with the style and ease with which the southern gentleman dresses. I, myself, will most likely be adorned in some element of seersucker. Tailgates are a great place to pick up on warm weather fashion, and even though the warm weather is fleeting by the day, here in the south we still have a little time left in which to wear our madras. Look for a post about Atlanta, and southern style in general, on Monday.

As a side note: I wish I had time to visit the Sid Mashburn flagship store while down in the ATL, but, alas, my itinerary is full. If you are not familiar with one of the coolest brands in America right now, check it out. Sid was one of GQ’s most stylish men this past year and he combines southern gentry and prep so expertly in his own line of men’s wear. The store, itself, looks amazing and is somewhere I will make time for in the near future. His stuff is not as cheap as many of us sartorially inclined average joe’s would hope, but there is nothing wrong to treating yourself every now and then (especially during holiday bonus time). So until Monday, enjoy a wonderful Labor Day weekend and study up on your southern comfort.


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